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Gibson Hotel Management Inc.

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Gibson Hotel Management Inc.
Strategic Asset Management Services

Consistent proactive professional hotel asset management plans determine the success of a hotel. GHMI has key staff members with the sole purpose of overseeing and insuring that the asset is being maintained properly and producing the desired financial results. By creating and leveraging 10-year capital plans, we help owners and operators ensure their assets remain successful and competitive for the long term. In a dual role, the asset management team not only insures physical and financial health for our partners' existing properties, but also researches and uncovers potential future development opportunities for our investors and owners.

  • Annual physical assessment of each asset to evaluate the short and long-term requirements to maintain a quality guest-friendly hotel
  • Development and implementation of yearly, 5-year and 10-year capital plan for all managed properties that exceeds the goals of the property owner
  • Ongoing yearly communication/reporting with our owners to communicate our progress in achieving the capital plan
  • Implementation of facility management programs
  • Preventative maintenance program visits to each hotel training team members
  • Energy management updating programs
  • Project and renovation management to maintain asset profitability
  • Complete out of development services
  • Implement and promote long term financial stability
  • Start-up services for new developers
  • Feasibility studies
  • Site selections for new development
  • Productivity review and system development
  • Internal audits
  • Develop financial proformas
  • Design coordination
  • Project improvement plans
  • Technical support for new design and construction





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