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Gibson Hotel Management Inc.

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Gibson Hotel Management Inc.
Hotel eCommerce, Social Media, & eMarketing

The guidance of an experienced team allows properties to maximize the potential revenue streams and ensure sales goals are met. To reach today’s consumers, businesses must embrace the robust and integrated approach the competitive market demands – one that leverages advances in technology to provide more varied and quantifiable means to reach segmented audiences with assertive marketing messages.    GHMI works to design, implement and monitor eMarketing and eCommerce campaigns that meet the specific needs of the hotel. GHMI leverages the opportunities available in digital marketing channels by proactively monitoring third-party review sites, reporting and reviewing results with property management and responding to feedback to build the brand and manage the hotel’s online reputation. The GHMI team assists in managing individual properties’ websites, working under brand standards, to expand the property’s online presence and optimization.

The goal of the eCommerce team is to strategically maximize the exposure of our properties across all online distribution and communication channels to ensure increased room revenues, decreased operational costs and optimal return on investment.   We are focused on accomplishing this goal through:  

  • Maximizing brand affiliated services for monitoring online presence and guest reviews
  • Application of tools and systems for effective tracking and implementation of programs guide hotel teams in website optimization
  • Social media and online reputation management
  • Ongoing training in hotel eCommerce tactics and ROI assessment
  • Monitor the channels cultivating traffic to the brand / hotel website
  •  Developing relationships with third party vendors to ensure the property is marketed in the best possible placement with the latest, most accurate information.   
  • Identifying best practices and new opportunities for increasing new visitors to discover the property, increase the conversion of shoppers to buyers, and surpass the consumer's online experience expectations.
  • Monitoring the top user review sites reporting on any trends that could potentially reflect negatively on the hotel and its online reputation.  
  • Engaging the consumers through emerging social media markets and channels


JOE GRIECEO, VISE PRESIDENT OF OPERATIONS                                                            



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