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Gibson Hotel Management Inc.
Hotel Facility Management

Gibson Hotel Management, Inc. property services personnel oversee all areas of FF&E, routine and long term maintenance, energy management and energy efficiency reviews.  To maximize safety and minimize risk, Gibson Hotel Management, Inc. puts a comprehensive Risk Management program in place at every property we manage. The program includes annual audits by our Facility Director or third party engineering technician, insurance carriers, and corporate personnel at each hotel that we manage. In addition, local management develops a risk manual for their facility, performs regular self-audits, and participates in safety training programs. Maintenance, energy management and energy efficiency reviews.

With our extensive brand experience plus our expertise in hotel engineering and property services, Gibson Hotel Management, Inc. can effectively negotiate the cost and time requirements of franchise improvement plans. And because we’ve had a hand in defining the best plan for your property, our hospitality management team can execute it as cost-efficiently as possible.

  • Energy Management Analysis
  • Annual physical assessment of each asset to evaluate the short and long-term requirements to maintain superior quality
  • Development and implementation of comprehensive 10-year capital plan for all managed properties that exceeds the goals of the property owner
  • Ongoing communication/reporting with our owners to communicate our progress in achieving the capital plan
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Preventative Maintenance Program which is all encompassing and continually monitored for effectiveness
  • Establishing Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • Project and Renovation Management-product improvement plans required by franchises
  • Short and Long Term Capital Planning- 3-5 year capital plan
  • Strategic pricing sourcing with all major FF&E vendors and franchise preferred purchasing
  • Focus on System Sustainability
  • Prolonging Asset Life by Aiding in Repair/Replacement Decisions

Dennis Foster, Director of Facility Management



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