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Gibson Hotel Management Inc.

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Gibson Hotel Management Inc.
Experts in Hotel Restaurant and Bar Concept Management

GHMI food and beverage management helps you achieve a higher lever of guest satisfaction and profitability from your food and beverage investments. Our goal with all food and beverage outlets is to provide an excellent product, outstanding service and a profitable result. Whether in a focused-service or full-service facility, our expertise in hotel food and beverage management guides hotel and restaurant teams to exceed brand standards and provide a high quality experience for our guests. The key to our success in all food and beverage outlets rests with our focus on:

  • Cuisine and atmosphere - strategic menu planning and development, farm to table organic partnerships with local farmers, fresh and trendy culture to meet the needs of market customers
  • Profitability opportunities found in pricing strategy, cost/quality control strategies
  • Personnel - technical training, service standards, guest engagement programs
  • Passionate promotions via sales and marketing programs
  • High energy bar environment techniques
  • Inventory control measures
  • Catering menus, fresh and trendy approaches
  • Concept change strategy if required to meet market customer trends

Gibby's Dining & Drinks at Holiday Inn Cedar Bluff, Knoxville, TN

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Grand Caymanian Resort
278 Crighton Drive | Crystal Harbour, KY1-1206, Grand Cayman

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